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We portion our bulk tobaccos in weights of 50 grams, 250 grams, and 500 grams. However, we can portion any size weight you wish.

The Calypso Tobacco Bar currently stocks a selection of Pipe Tobaccos. A few of our primary manufacturers include:

  • Century
  • Dunhill
  • Gawith Hogarth
  • Lane
  • Stokkebye

Some of our most popular tobaccos include the following:

American Delite
Black Cherry Blend
Black Raspberry
Black Truffle
Black Vanilla
Black Cavendish #1 (spicy)
Black Cavendish #2 (sweet)
Bright Virginia
Calypso Cocktail
Cherry & Vanilla
Count Pulaski
Cyprian Latakia, Granular
Cyprian Latakia, Long Cut
Danish Export
Dansk Black
Dark Birds Eye
Dark Virginia Cavendish Unscented
Early Morning
Gold Virginia
Golden Dansk
Highland Whisky
Kendal Kentucky
Kentucky Nougat
Medium Black Cherry
My Mixture 965
Rum & Maple
St James Perique
Sunset Rum
Top Black Cherry
Tutti Frutti
Ultimate Cavendish
Virginia Supreme
Whisky Cavendish
White Burley

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